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Smith and WessonSmith and Wesson have been a leading name in the world of firearms and defense products in the U.S and have been in the field for over one and a half centuries. This signifies their experience in creating innovative products, moving ahead with time and adapting to the new requirements of the market, while preserving the heritage and identity of the company for which it stands for.

It is one of the most trusted names in the business and its products are not only used widely by government and security agencies worldwide, but also appreciated and used widely by the responsible citizens for their safety, protection and other practical applications. They manufacture a huge line of defense products, but in this article, we would precisely discuss in details, Smith and Wesson Knives, which are one of its kind, highly functional, durable and made with high quality material. These tactical knives are highly preferred by the authorities, military and people. The reasonable pricing of each and every Smith and Wesson Knife is also one of the key reasons why the company has been able to come to the fore and meet people’s expectation for quality and affordability for years.

Let us discuss a few of the most popular Smith and Wesson Knives to give you a brief idea and to help you make the right purchase…

Smith and Wesson SWATMBSThe Smith & Wesson SWATMBS Swat Medium Serrated Assisted Opening Knife, Black– has a high quality coated stainless steel blade that is carved with excellence. It has an inserts handle with a black aluminum body and the knife has a spear point blade that makes it highly useful in combat maneuver as well as day to day purposes. This knife comes with a pocket clip, which makes it more comfortable and safe for the user to carry it around. It is unusually light at 5.6 ounces and the dimension of 4.2X1.5X1 inches is perfect for practical purposes and can be really instrumental in completing your gear if you are planning to go for hiking, trekking, camping or spending time in the wilderness.   This knife has a Buyer Rating of 4.3 / 5 on 136 Reviews.

Smith and Wesson CKSUR1 Bullseye Search and Rescue Knife
A Lethal looking knife from Smith and Wesson is the S&W CKSUR1 Bullseye Search and Rescue Fixed Blade Knife – This knife is over 10.5 inches in length, with the blade’s length being 5.88 inches. It is made of high grade 440 Stainless steel and comes with lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. The rubberized aluminum handle and non-reflective black coating along with Groove blade makes it one of the most preferred knives for many, who are looking for no nonsense knife of high quality. The forward bending metal cross guard is also instrumental for this knife to be in the good books of the rough players. Butt cap front mounted nylon storage pouch that comes with it helps in easy storage and handling while not in use. And, it enhances the overall styling as well. The sharpening stone that comes with it is highly effective in helping it get that out-of-the-box sharp edge that the Smith and Wesson knives are famous for.  Most of the knives of similar quality come at triple the price and if you are a knife lover and have bought this knife, you will more than agree with it.  This Knife has a Buyer Rating of 4.45 on 363 Reviews.

Smith and Wesson SWMP5LBS

The Smith & Wesson SWMP5LBS M&P Linerlock Knife with 2nd Generation MAGIC Assisted Open and 40% Serrated Drop Point Blade, Black – If you are looking for a strong, sharp and handy knife, this knife will exceed your expectations by miles. With 5.0”inch handle and 3.6” blade, this knife is a must carry in any outdoor trips and is a good supplement to your protection and outdoor gear. It has the best in class spring assisted opening and has glass breaker integrated with it, making it a small, smart and compact knife you will simply fall in love with at the first look itself. Made of 4034 Stainless steel and weighing at about 7.4 ounces, you can be sure that strength is not a factor you need to worry about.   The highly efficient Magic assisted opening that this knife has, helps you unplug the knife with one hand ( bordering on a legal Swith Blade ), a feature many knife users rate highly.  This knife has a Buyer Rating of 4.5 on 39 Reviews

So, if you really want to buy a tactical knife that is up above the rest in terms of quality, durability, usability, strength, style and maintenance, without burning a hole in your pocket, these Smith and Wesson Knives will definitely fit your requirements. They are reasonably priced and offer the best in class features and strength, providing value for money at its best.

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