Review: MTECH USA XTREME MX-8054 Tactical Fixed Blade Knife 11-Inch Overall


MTECH USA XTREME MX-8054 Tactical Fixed Blade Knife 11-Inch OverallEvery once in while a knife comes along that has that extra mean look to it and the XTREME MX-8054 Tactical Fixed Blade Knife from MTECH USA XTREME certainly fits that description.   This lethal knife is finished in flat black and features a 6 inch 440 stainless steel blade.  Measuring 11 inches overall,  the top of the blade includes a meaty 6 tooth sawback – a little short for any real value but adds to the combat look of the knife.

The 8054 features a full tang that is extended on the lower cutting edge to provide finger protection.

Knife Specs

  • Manufacturer  MTECH USA EXTREME
  • Overall Length:  11 Inches
  • Blade Length:  6 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Weight:  15 ounces
  • Suggested Retail: $53.99
  • Best Price We Found: $42.99

When you grip the MX-8054, the contoured feature of the handle fits nicely in your hand but if you have overly small hands, you may find the handle uncomfortable ( the same could be said of overly large hands of if you have chubby fingers )  The knife weighs in at 15 ounces – making it feel very solid when being used.

Like many combat knifes – the blade does not come factory sharpened – a feature that often makes users think there was a fault with the knife – but the blade sharpened up fine.    It should be noted that most commando knifes were never sharpened as their use was for stabbing and not slashing.   In the case of the 8054, I would say that the factory edge should be given a better edge by the purchaser to make the knife more usable.   The blade is thick on this knife – and should take a nice edge – but the dual blade feature will mean that you will have to sharped both separately.      The EXTEME MX 8064 comes with a black nylon belt sheath with front utility pocket, leg strap and black cord lanyard.

User Reviews…

” So first off, very thick blade and sturdy handle. The blade serrations on the back would be more benificial with an actual edge, but it’s not a flaw by any means.

The inward drop on the middle of the blade is the most useful part to this blade in my opinion.
The tanto point is sharp, the blade however is not, but within few minutes it now is.

” Good quality knife. I was always told to avoid mtech knives but I’m glad i made this purchase. I originally bought this knife because i liked the style of it from the latest COD: GHOSTS and just wanted it for a prop item. With a little sharpening at home it actually performs amazingly and on par with my expensive ka-bar knifes. I’m happy with the quality and design. I would recommend to anyone and definitely buy more from mtech. It also comes with a cord and multiple areas to attach the cord to keep the knife attached to you. Great buy

” I bought this because I like the design of the edge and some of the cutting capabilities of such. For the money this is a decent overall package. Would I modify the sheath? Yes. Would I have the saw on top sharpened? Yes, that or no saw at all. But for the money this is a good rig. I also saw the capability to grab further back on the grip to lean the weight more towards the tip of the blade to give more chopping power.

Just got this knife in and it looks great! The blade didn’t come as sharp as I like our of the box, but nothing a sharpener couldn’t fix. I love the review that was on YouTube where it showed the guy chopping wood with this thing! A lot of people think that the top of the knife is supposed to be used for sawing, and give it bad ratings because its not sharp enough to do anything. However, its actually not meant to saw, its used as a tool to pop or break barbed wire. Just place it in the grooves and twist and the barbed wire breaks in two. I guess if you spent enough time sharpening, it could eventually be used as a saw. It does say on the knife, 4400 Stainless Steel, USA Premium Design, Precision Crafted in China. Personally that doesn’t bother me. The grip feels great holding it upright, however if you hold it with the blade facing down, it’s not the most comfortable.

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  1. David Sontchi says:

    I was impressed. That was a DAMN good review. Yeah, I saw the one on youtube where he split the wood in half, twice. I love that. The look is what got me. It looks kinda evil, lol. I remember when he tried to saw with it. Because its not sharp, he didn’t do well w/ it. When u said, use it on barb wire. That makes more sense. One ?. Is that 440c or 440a. And whats the difference? I’m collecting a bunch of knives, for just in case, lol. And that was in the top 2 being my fav. Now i’ll have to check out the top 2 rated. Hell, I’m a knife junkie. Thanx

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