Review: Gerber 22-01400 LMF II Survival Knife


The Gerber 22-01400 LMF II Survival Knife is one of the highest rated survival knives we’ve come across. Measuring a practical 10 inches long, the stainless steel blade is just under 5 inches. The blade features a serrated edge and comes with a rugged sheath with knife sharpener that can be strapped to your leg. Our review model was the Coyote Brown model from The knife has a sticker box store retail of $140 but is available at Amazon for $70 – a 50% savings.

This knife features a molded glass nylon handle and a tang stretching 80% of the blade. The blade is made of military grade stainless steel. The end of the knife features a solid buttcap made of stainless steel capable of breaking tempered vehicle or helicopter glass. The logic behind this is that in a military situation where a pilot may be down, or a vehicle overturned, the end of this knife is strong enough to shatter even the thick tempered glass and provide an escape route.

What We Liked
Great Solid Knife.  Tough blade and quality sheath.

What We Didn’t Like
When we think of survival knives we think of hollow handles to store essentials such as fish hooks and matches.

The handle of the Gerber 22 features a molded handle designed to prevent hand blisters, as well as providing a secure grip. It also comes with lashing holeswhich gives you the ability to turn it into the spear to be used for hunting or fishing.

The tang of the knife stretches 80% of the way through the knife handle and then a insulator is added which splits up the tang from the butt end of the knife. This feature is so that you will not shock your hand if either end of the knife comes in contact with electricity.

All Gerber knives are made in the USA, and stretch back to when the company was founded by Joseph Gerber in 1939 in Portland, Oregon.

User Reviews

This knife is impressive to hold, throws like a dream, and takes a serious beating. A little short for batoning, but they state the blade length in the description.

The kinfe passed every test we through at it including dulling the blade buy hitting the cutting blade a gainst a rock, then we used supplied carbide sharperner in sheath to make the blade sharper than we ever thought possible after a few strokes

I’m not a big fan of the serrated edge, but did it ever help out when I least expected it. You can spend more money for “better” knives, but pound for pound, you’d be hard pressed to find a better survival tool for under 100.00.
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