Israeli Commando Knife Fighting Video Seminar


The Israeli Commando unit has one of the fiercest reputations of all international combat units – and for good reason.   Israel finds itself surround by some countries determined to see it wiped from the face of the earth, and the Israeli military has the very real, and very dangerous job of ensuring that never happens.

In this excellent three part video series, an Israeli Commando Training officer explains in detail how to defend against a knife attack, how to disarm and attacker and how to, if required, use lethal force with your own combat knife.

Israeli Commando Briefing.

Similar to the Navy Seals of the US Military, the Israeli Commando units are called Sayeret in Israel which in Hebrew means reconnaissance unit and have a further specification called Palsars.  In the Israel Defence Forces, this specialized unit is responsible for both intelligence gathering and surveillance, as well as specialize in commando operations.  Israel was founded in 1947 following World War Two as a new home for displaced Jewish survivors of the Holocaust.  With ancient biblical ties to the region – Israel has been at war with many of its Arabic neighbours for 7 decades as documented in this Wikipedia article.

Following the Holocaust, Israel has taken an strong proactive approach in the defense of their people, country and religion.   This no non-sense approach to diplomacy and military action has given Israel a reputation as a combative nation, willing to often forgo standard procedures and use their military to enact swift and aggressive action if deemed necessary.     All combat units in the Israeli Defense Forces have advanced weaponry training and their special forces units have been used extensively over the past half century.

Close Combat and Combat Knife Training

All soldiers in the Israeli military are trained in Krav Maga which is a fighting style developed exclusively for the Israeli forces.  A deadly combination of martial arts, boxing, wrestling and grappling, this form of training is recognized as some of the most lethal hand to hand combat techniques in the world.   In combat knife training,  soldiers are trained to attack fast, violently and if possible, to be pre-emptive in their assault with a potential combatant.   Attacks are aimed at the most vulnerable areas of their opponents body and are designed to disable their opponent as quickly as possible.

Krav Maga encourages students to avoid confrontation. If this is impossible or unsafe, it promotes finishing a fight as quickly as possible. Attacks are aimed at the most vulnerable parts of the body, and training is not limited to techniques that avoid severe injury. Drills provide maximum safety to students by the use of protective equipment and the use of reasonable force.

In this excellent video series, we are pleased at Combat Knife Guide to take you take you behind the scenes of Israeli Commando Knife Training and learn how one of the most lethal fighting forces in the world approaches hand to hand knife combat.

In part one of three, this video shows the proper grip and stance for engaging in a combat knife situation.

In the second video, the instructor discusses and demonstrates how to both attack and defend from various angles in a hand to hand combat knife situation.

In part three of this series on hand to hand Combat Knife Fighting, our instructor demonstrates the correct techniques for disabling your opponent as quickly as possible.

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