Blade Length vs Practical Use


Without a doubt, there are a ton of different types of survival/combat knives out there to choose from. Whether your are looking for a cool replica knife from the mid 1900’s or a Rambo type survival/combat knife, you’re bound to find a lot of available options.

So, with this is mind, what would you think an ideal blade length for a knife would be?

Let’s consider a folding knife which could be used for a variety of purposes.  While a larger blade may seem optimal for some, the legality of using a blade of let’s  say over six inches may be questionable.  On the same hand, a six inch blade which theoretically could do some major damage and or be easier to use in some applications, may just be too cumbersome to carry.  For this knife which is a common tool used for survival/combat, a four inch blade may be all you really need to get the job done. Rule of thumb on most knives is to carry whatever is most practical and legal in your particular area.

swiss army knifeLet’s take a look at your basic folding knife which can be used for self defense or survival.  You can opt for the cheaper four inch Victorinox Swiss Army CyberTool 34 Multitool Knife (Ruby) – 53919 + Victorinox Paracord Bracelet which is definitely going to get the job done.    This is an extremely popular smaller blade folding knife which is really all you need. For the price you can’t go wrong and not only does it boast a folding blade but also scissors, tweezers, key ring, etc.

If your looking for something that’s got a bit more punch you may want to go with the Cold Steel American Lawman G-10 Handle with Black Blade.   This is the knife many police officers carry and while it’s blade is only 2 ½ inches, this is a knife you can carry comfortably, stay within the legal limits and feel secure with it’s abilities. The price is bit higher than the Swiss Army Knife but is built like a brick house complete with some cool safety features.  This is a knife that speaks volumes.

So, the above are just a couple of knives which can be used for both combat/survival and have blades that are short but fall within the legal limits for carrying. You’re ideal length for a knife is obviously going to be whatever you feel comfortable with but bigger may not always be better.  For people who want a basic survival knife for let’s  say going out in the woods and honing your survival skills, a Swiss Army Knife may be the ticket. If however you truly feel a need to have a quality knife that’s best for self defense, the Mini Lawman by Cold Steel may be the answer.

Cold Steel American Lawman G-10 Knife

Hopefully the above info can help answer some of your questions as to what an ideal blade length would be for your survival/combat knife. Again, the rule of thumb when it comes to length is whatever you feel comfortable with but also falls within the legal size limits for carry. Finally, for those who may want to delve into the military type of knives, there’s no shortage available. What’s more, military surplus stores carry a huge stock or knives that can get the job done. Some Military style knives from these stores will have lengths up to 7 inches and while the knives may look cool, do your homework.  Unfortunately some of these knives are better put up on a shelf for display than using for survival/combat or self defense purposes. For a look at a top notch military style knife that won’t break the bank check out KA-Bar Knifes here

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