Bayonet Blade Maintenance


Bayonets can be useful not only in combat but can also be used as tool while on military operations. It’s important to take care of your bayonet with some basic maintenance and there are some simple steps you can take to make sure your bayonet will last for a long time. Below are some basic maintenance tips for caring for your bayonet. This blog will focus on care for the M-16 Bayonet knife.

1) To begin, check the bayonet’s locking release mechanisms. The bayonet should be able to be mounted securely with no interference.

2) Secondly you will want to visually inspect the blade itself. You are looking for any nicks or cracks along the surface of the blade. While doing this also inspect the point of the blade. Here we are looking for blunt tips.

3) Your next step in maintaining your bayonet blade will be to check the hand guards for any cracks or fissures. Also check the hand guards to ensure they are properly seated and fitting properly.

4) Fourthly a bayonet comes with teeth for sawing. Inspect the teeth for any dullness or cracks.

5) Unscrew the cap screw. You are going to be looking for any rust within. You will also want to inspect for a broken or cracked cap screw. Inspect the cap screw for any type of damage or stripped threads.

6) Inspect the latch assembly for any damage. Additionally, you will want to check the compression helical spring for any corrosion and kinks in the spring mechanism. Check your spring pins and latch plate. Here you are looking for corrosion and any damage.

7) You will also want to inspect the scabbord assembly. If necessary you will need to lubricate and or repair after inspecting. For this you will need CLP lubricant for cleaning. Wear rubber gloves when cleaning the scabbord assembly.

These are just a few tips on caring and maintaining your bayonet. While there are a number of other steps you should take to complete a maintenance on your bayonet, these are the basics. As far as lubricant for your bayonet, optimally CLP is the best bet.

Additionally, you may want to check out this link for more information on lubricating knives and bayonets. For a full indepth schedule for maintaining your bayonet be sure to check out this link.

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